Terms and conditions for online payments

The Client (“Client”) agrees to use this electronic payment system by RODRIGO MOLINA ORTEGA & ASOCIADOS (“RMO & ASOC”) in accordance to the following Terms of Service (“ToS”):

  1. Service Fees. ​ By using this service, the Client agrees to pay a three percent (3%) surcharge, calculated from the net amount to be paid.
  2. Chargebacks. ​ The Client shall assume any cost generated due to chargebacks or reversed transactions, when such chargeback or reversed transaction is imputable to such Client.
  3. Acceptance of Charge. ​ By using this platform to make payments, the Client tacitly agrees and recognizes that he/she has carefully read the Pre-Invoices and/or Invoices received from RMO & ASOC, and accepts such charges.
  4. Information Accuracy. ​ ​The Client declares that all information submitted in the Payment Form is accurate and true. The Client shall bear the responsibility of proofreading and/or verifying the authenticity of such information given in the Payment Form. The Client hereby accepts and understands that submitting any inaccurate or false information that may affect RMO & ASOC or any third parties is a felony according to the Laws of the Republic of Panama.
  5. Transaction Confirmation. ​ Once payment has been made, RMO & ASOC shall send to the Client an email confirming whether the transaction was approved or an error occurred, during a period of twenty four (24) hours from the moment it is submitted.
  6. Security. ​ Due to its design and construction, this payment system does not allow the storage of credit card information, nor does RMO & ASOC have access to such information before or after payment has been submitted due to bank policies. Given this, it is the Client’s responsibility to keep his credit card and payment information safeguarded.
  7. Debit Reversal. ​ Should the Client require a reversal of any amounts paid, he/she accepts to pay a twenty five dollar (US$25.00) administrative fee to cover banking charges associated with such operation. The Client shall notify RMO & ASOC in writing by sending an email to ​ rmolina@rodmolaw.com​ requesting the reversal in a time period of no more than twenty four (24) hours after the payment is approved by the bank.
  8. Governing Law. ​ The Laws of the Republic of Panama shall govern over any matters arising between the Client and RMO & ASOC with respect to these ToS and this electronic payment service.
  9. Amendments. ​ RMO & ASOC reserves the exclusive right to amend the ToS from time to time.

By clicking on “Pay Now”, the Client recognizes that he/she has read the ToS herein described and agrees with the policies set forth by RMO & ASOC. If the Client is not satisfied with one or more sections of this ToS, please contact us at ​ rmolina@rodmolaw.com, so we may provide you with alternate methods of payment.

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